digital artifacts embracing Bitcoin culture

Ordinal Loops is the first fine art collection inscribed on Bitcoin. It explores and presents the nature of Bitcoin's birth and its subsequent culture using ASCII art to meta-symbolize its digital essence. The first artwork was inscribed on February 1st, 2023, marking the historical beginning of the looping story.

We retain deep relationships with art venues, event spaces and existing communities. Experimentation, education and exploration are our key pillars.

Do not FIAT

First chapter called "Do Not Fiat" is a series observing the hostile FIAT environment in which Bitcoin has been born from the ashes of GFC. Such a contemporary landscape remains a living organism - loop, with other cryptocurrencies added over time. Furiously, Bitcoin ASCII fights the army of five main government currencies - ad infinitum.

Roots of Immutability

Building upon Nietzsche's concept of eternal return, Chapter 2 conceptualizes historical Bitcoin blocks as culturally significant points in time that will eternally reoccur. Each artwork symbolizes one impactful Bitcoin block as a moment of the past sealed in the chain forever.