digital artifacts embracing Bitcoin culture

Ordinal Loops is a curated art project dedicated to the areas of creative capital, human rights and public discourse. Our activities stem back to 2017 culminating into the creation of a non-profit NGO in the early 2021. We retain deep relationships with art venues, event spaces and existing communities. Team is well known in both Bitcoin and a broader crypto landscape having strong beliefs in the ability to deliver a profound impact in the years to come. Experimentation, education and meaningful contribution are our key pillars.

Do not FIAT

First chapter called "Do Not Fiat" is a series observing the hostile FIAT environment in which Bitcoin has been born from the ashes of GFC. Such a contemporary landscape remains a living organism - loop, with other cryptocurrencies added over time. Furiously, Bitcoin ASCII fights the army of five main government currencies - ad infinitum.
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Roots of Immutability

Second chapter is a Block height based series dedicated to seven Hashes that significantly impacted the merits of Bitcoin network. Torn between concrete and abstract figures, the progression attempts to celebrate and educate on the developments of this distributed protocol. From the battlefields to the builders - furthering freedom of speech.
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