21 pieces of history.

The Ordinal Loops is the first fine art collection on Bitcoin. It explores and presents the nature of Bitcoin's birth and its subsequent culture using ASCII art to meta-symbolize its digital essence. The first artwork was inscribed on February 1st 2023, marking the beginning of the looping story.

The collection digs into the principle of ever-present conflict between Bitcoin and centralized monetary systems and currencies in Chapter 1. However, confining Bitcoin's culture and history only to its objective of bringing hyperbitcoinization would be incomplete. That's why the most significant blocks of Bitcoin history are conceptualized as eternally reocurring points of time worth distinguishing in Chapter 2.

Naturally, the repetition of loops in the context of artworks suggests various interpretations. How do you understand it?

Each of the artifacts is original and bears its own unique story that you can explore. Click on the item to experience the selected artwork in full detail.

Chapter 1: Do not FIAT

In the first chapter of the collection, we delve into the essence of Bitcoin ― the fight for permissionless currency against the FIAT.

The eternal looping of the currency symbols that gain and lose their power and follow dynamic trajectories portrays a chronic clash between the centralized and decentralized. A conflict that may never be fully resolved. A conflict that keeps repeating until the end of the time.

These artifacts are considered early inscriptions ranging from inscription #452 to #641.

Chapter 2: Roots of Immutability

Building upon Nietzsche's concept of eternal return, Chapter 2 conceptualizes historical Bitcoin blocks as culturally significant points in time that will eternally reoccur.

Each artwork symbolizes one impactful Bitcoin block as a moment of the past sealed in the chain forever. Starting with the genesis Block 0 memorializing the first digital artifact created by Satoshi themselves through the honorary Block 1 dedicated to Hal Finney and the first Bitcoin transaction. This chapter culminates in Block 6, an audiovisual piece that celebrates the inception of the Ordinals protocol acting as a meta-reference to the new medium that enabled endless experimentation.

Block 0 was sent to Satoshi Nakamoto's genesis reward receiving address.

Chapter 3

The last chapter of the story has not been written yet, or has it?